Faith Journey | January 2018

It’s January 17 today and I got a little time on my hands. I need you to be a part of this Faith Journey with me in 2018. We’re in such turbulent times that I feel it’s important to keep each other encouraged. Will you accompany me? Feel free to use the Contact Me page if you ever want a listening ear or someone to pray for you.

Our focus Verse for this year is Isaiah 43:18-19

1 copy

God says, “I will even make a road in the wilderness, And rivers in the desert.” Just picture this with me for a moment; a dry parched expanses of land scorched by the sun. No beauty, dry and dull. No trees, no vegetation. Then suddenly out of nowhere a gushing stream floods the entire area. The scene changes. As the land absorbs the water, it feels refreshed. Small plants begin to sprout and grow in to majestic trees. You can hear the birds sing and the butterflies dancing. A field full of flowers where once there was barrenness. Once a desert land, now a beautiful garden.

I believe my God can do that.

Do you?





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