Jesus speaks life

55 Steffy photo By Steffy Haric

In Luke chapter 7:11-17 Jesus travels to Nain where His compassion for a grieving widow leads him to resurrect her only son to life.

I see two groups over here in verse 12. One is Jesus’ group and the other is widow’s group. Jesus’ group is carrying light with them and widow’s group is carrying darkness with them. Jesus’ group is walking in hope and the widow’s group is walking in hopelessness. Jesus’ group is full of miracles and widow’s group is full of mourning.

I see a widow whose hope is gone, who is looking at an insecure future with no hope for income. She is completely broken by the pain of losing her loved ones (husband and her only son).

And when Jesus saw her, He was moved with compassion. Jesus understood her situation; He saw her fears and her tears. And He told her not to cry.

He went to the coffin, stretched out his hand and touched the coffin. As He approached that dead situation and stretched out his hand, similarly He does for us by touching our dead and broken situations and bringing them to life.

Jesus told the young man to ARISE. Today, Jesus tells our dead situations to arise and Shine for Christ.

Each day he tells his people “Young man, arise! Young woman, arise FOR CHRIST!”

Jesus removed the curse of the coffin from over the widow’s son but he obeyed the Word of His Creator and broke the chains and came out.


We also have to come out from the bondage of sin which leads us to the coffin of death. Let’s break the coffin and come out.

The man stood up and started speaking and when the dead situation comes to life we must speak for God from the Word of God. We should not keep our mouth shut after experiencing miracles in our life.

We must speak…We must teach…

Jesus then presented him to his mother. I tell you my friends; by Jesus’ touch our dead situation becomes alive! Our dead areas come back to life, they start living. Those dead areas start working and start walking. Those dead areas start declaring the Word of God.

Then the Lord presents those alive areas of our lives in the broken world. I am comparing broken widow with the broken world, healing took place because Jesus had compassion on widow who was hopeless completely broken and had an insecure future. Even today Jesus is having compassion on the broken world; a world with no hope for a future.

He works in my life and in your life just to bring hope in this broken world. He does miracles in our lives daily so that this world may have hope.

You and I become His light to remove the darkness of this world and that’s why He tells you and me to arise.

“Arise, young man!”

“Arise, young woman!”

Arise so that he can present you and me to this broken world. People gave glory to Jesus by seeing this miracle. Today, when Jesus is working in our lives to bring light to this world, it’s all for Lord Jesus’ glory. Our motive should be to serve God and to give glory to God alone.

God bless!

P.S. My apologies for not being able to post anything last week. I’m still figuring out “work-life” balance. Here’s the Guest Post I was supposed to upload last friday. Please bear with me. I miss reading all of your posts. -Sharon xo

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