King of my heart – Sarah McMillan

And let the King of my heart
Be the wind inside my sails
The anchor in the waves
Oh, He is my song


Life Update: Worry kills Joy

Hey, guys the reason I wasn’t able to update any post on Monday and Wednesday was that I was in a train travelling down to South India. I’m a resident of North India and I’ve had to travel approx. 2000 km via train. That’s 40 something hours. I’d like to share with you all that after much struggle God finally opened a door for me to work at a Christian organization (ministry to be precise) called Jesus Calls.

LifeupdateMap copy

I’m here as a Content Writer. Now if you’ve read my blogs you know, I’ve hardly ever spoken of my struggles in detail. Finding a job in the right organization was one such battle I’ve had to face. Long story short, here I am relocated in a new city and a different state, all by God’s grace.

One thing which the Lord has been teaching me (and still is teaching) is to trust Him completely. When I was praying for this job, I placed my request before the Lord that I need an answer within a week as I had already got an opportunity to work with a secular organization.

But since my heart was to work for the kingdom of God I asked for His guidance and will to be fulfilled. But I needed an answer before I joined that particular organization. And guess what…..within one week I was interviewed and appointed to work for Jesus Calls as a Content Writer!

Then there was the concern of relocating. I was to join the Head Office in Chennai for a week and then move to Coimbatore after my initial induction and training. Soon one after the other things start to work out but concerns also started to cloud my mind.

How will I travel so far all by myself?

I have no relative of friend in Chennai, how will I reach the office?

What if they make me travel alone to Coimbatore?

How will I reach the office without any help?

Slowly the concerns started to kill the initial joy of being hired! But it was in that moment that God taught me to calm down and trust Him for provision. Although my ticket was not confirmed yet God filled me with a sense of calm in my spirit and I knew that if this is His timing, He will come through.

My ticket got confirmed on the same morning on which I had to leave!

I have no relatives and I don’t know anyone in Chennai so I prayed for help and asked my friends if they knew anyone from Chennai who could help me out at the station.

By God’s grace a brother who happens to be acquainted with a relative of mine agreed to pick me up from the station. When I spoke to him, I found out that he lives 21 kms away from the station, yet he came during heavy rains just to receive me.

One after the other I saw God’s hand over me and His favour in a new city.

So many times we worry about things that have not yet come to pass. We think about them, our imagination takes a joy ride and we simply worry. How will this happen? How will that happen? What will I do if something like this happens? Even before something happens, we worry about things that might not happen. Worry kills joy.

When worry tries to take over it is imperative in that moment to release that issue and ask God to help you trust in Him. I know this post has turned out to be a little long but I felt it’s important as we are all prone to worry.

Please share your views regarding this topic.

“And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?” – Matthew 6:27




10 thoughts on “King of my heart – Sarah McMillan

  1. Amen!!

    I SO relate to this. This past year, I wondered about moving to a new place when my husband got out of the military. We had problem after problem within hours of not knowing anything. Yet, I worked on talking to God about it, and handing it over to Him, and it wasn’t easy. So many tears and piles of tissues while I worshipped His name, and worked on my trust and faith in Him. He answered, all of them. And with those answers came other situations and problems to be dealt with. It can get hard standing in the unknown and uncertain. But praise God He is above all patient and loving, and His gentleness washes over us when we need it the most. Praise God for His assurance! 🙂

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