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Daily Prompt: Focused


The way to victory,

I cannot foresee.

How will it happen?

How do I believe?


A thousand weary thoughts,

Rummage through my mind.

Looking for a string of hope,

But none it can find.


Then the Helper steps in

And reminds my tired self.

Those who patiently endure,

Shall surely receive their help.


That there is a crown,

At the end of the race.

And all who come to Him,

He gives them grace.


So I hold on to my Hope,

Not in the natural realm.

But stay focused on Him,

My true prize and help.


My strength restored,

By His great love.

My eyes look upon,

The One seated above.


So I run to receive the prize,

And I box to win.

For in the finished work of Christ,

My victory is given!



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