Heartfelt Musings: Nabeel, you will be missed

My heart is heavy at the demise of Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi. His testimony is truly unique and his journey from Islam to Christianity is a remarkable one. He passed away at the age of 34 on 16th September 2017 after a yearlong battle with stomach cancer. I was reading this excerpt from his first book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus:


I remember feeling his pain as he poured out his heart about his conversion and the after effects of being a follower of Jesus. But I could also feel his joy as he mentioned how he felt when he found the One True God. Although I didn’t know him personally I was thankful for his life. He created a huge impact on my generation with his insightful teachings and vibrant personality. The way he dealt with questions regarding the two faiths and two holy books, the Bible and Quran, gained a lot of attention and respect around the world. He has written three books; Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Answering Jihad: A better way forward and No God but one; Allah or Jesus?

I would suggest my readers to at least read his first book. You will not regret it.

In the Washington Post, Ravi Zacharias has penned down a few words stating why Nabeel resonated with so many before his death at age 34. I request you to give it a read.

I agree with Sir Zach that Nabeel’s anointing was indeed rare. The world might have lost a brilliant apologist but Heaven has gained a precious soul. I had a desire to meet him. Guess will have to wait till Jesus comes back. I pray someone carries his legacy of love forward in this difficult field of Christian Apologetics.

What inspires me the most is that even battling cancer till the end he held on to his faith and loved Jesus as on the day when he surrendered his life to Christ. I was touched by the strength of his faith. Often in his Vlogs he would pray for healing but also pray that if it’s God’s will he should not get this healing, he still loves God. What an amazing soul.

Nabeel and his friend David Wood on the day of his baptism.

I’m sharing his last two updates and I hope it motivates you like it motivated me. Here he talks about faith and miracles (how Isaac was rescued at the last moment, the dead girl was raised, how God is able to save even at the last minute) and how if this is not His sovereign will that he be granted this miracle, he still loves God.

His last words: “I’ll talk to you again soon, I’m sure.” Me too brother, me too. (This is his last vlog before passing)


Till we meet again. Enjoy your rest with Jesus.



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