He Is…… A Mighty Warrior

30 Sela By Sela Marie Tai


He is the uproar of Righteousness, when chaos is rampant.

He is the gentle whisper, in a foreign land with multiple tongues.

He is my strong tower, my safeguard.

He is my light in the darkness, the stronghold of my life.

He is my source I gain strength and courage.

He is my weapon I wield skillfully at the enemy.

He is the everlasting warrior in the aftermath of a battle.

He is the Most High God, Yes Lord, You are the Most High.

He is my Mighty Warrior.


P.S. I met Sela last year at a YWAM centre in India. She is a beautiful and vivacious girls who loves Jesus with all her heart. She wrote this poem in 2012 but says it’s still relevant with her walk with God today. One  characteristic of God that she loves is that HE is a mighty warrior and HE fights our battles on our behalf.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” – Exodus 14:14

30 a Be Still jpg

Happy Friday! 🙂

~ Sharon


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