The Secret Place

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty…..” Psalm 91:1

I wrote this poem last year and it’s entirely  based on Psalm 91. Haven’t written any other poem in a while now. Might start again. 🙂

The Secret Place

When terror strikes,

And no way I see.

In His Shadow I’ll hide,

My God He will be.


My refuge in battle,

My Fortress, my Shield.

My God on whom I trust,

My God on whom I lean.


For under His wings,

Shall I find rest.

In His faithfulness,

He’ll provide the very best.


Why should I then be afraid of,

The attacks from the enemy.

He has promised to defend me,

And give me victory.


Only a spectator shall I be,

When in Him I abide.

Ten thousand shall fall at my right,

And a thousand more at my side.


Because I’m hidden in,

The secret place of the Lord.

No plague or calamity,

Or evil may befall.


Oh praise God for His angels,

They keep charge over me.

To bear me up, lest I dash my foot,

And keep me in safe company.


The young lion and the serpent,

Shall I tread under foot.

My authority in the Most High,

In His secret place I understood.


I have set all my love,

On the Lord Most High.

In the day of trouble, he’ll deliver me,

And to me He’ll draw nigh.


God bless you. ❤


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