Short Note: Stepping stones

When I look back on the past five years, I see the place God brought me out from. I see my mistakes, I see the lies and drama, friendships that weren’t meant to be and relationships gone wrong. I can finally re-trace my steps and see the places I slipped.

Trust me, at the time it hurt like crazy and I felt like I’d never recover. I thought the pain was unbearable. But today I am able to see them as stepping stones that have made me in to the person I am today. Looking back, I am happy for all the “friends” I’ve lost and the wrong decisions I made because the pain and agony has taught me valuable lessons for life and made me a better person.

Most of all it has taught me why Jesus needs to be number one in my life.

Jesus used all the pain to channel me into a new direction and helped to see life in a new light, His love in a new profound way. He showered me with His love when I was made to feel unloved and forgave me for turning my back on Him. He taught me to trust again and to see the best in people but to be cautious at the same time.

Today, I can look back on the pain and smile and thank God for His grace that helped me to overcome. In His love and mercy He brought me out of darkness into His great light.

He is my Healer.





3 thoughts on “Short Note: Stepping stones

  1. A great post, Sharon! It is rich in the lesson as to how God uses challenges and trials to help us grow as both human beings and as His children…



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