Out of your Element

IMG_3828As I was leaving the grounds of a Bible school I noticed a potted plant with bright yellow flowers. I had learned in one of the session by Pastor Chris Bowen how we need to be in the element God created us in. When you remove a plant from the element (soil) it was created in to be, it can no longer survive. It will die. If you draw a fish out of water, it’ll die because it was created to live in water. Similarly, God created us to worship Him and glorify Him.

I noticed that some flowers were in full bloom, some were about to bloom and some had died off. But even though some of the flowers had died, the plant was still alive because it was still potted in the element required for its survival. Moreover, new buds were about to bloom and replace the flowers that had died off.

Have you ever noticed that artificial green sponge florists use to make flower arrangements? The flowers survive for a while, the buds don’t fully bloom and soon the whole arrangement is discarded because the flowers are all dead. So many times when we’re in trouble we look for artificial sources to give us temporary happiness or solutions. We forget that a life detached from the True Vine, i.e. Christ, is a life that doesn’t fulfill its purpose.

The first thing the enemy does is to steal our praise and worship because he knows that’s the weapon to defeat him. Therefore, no matter what, we must learn to always be in a state where we give God the glory at all times. We need to understand that a life detached from Christ will automatically be devoid of worship. And worship is the element we’re made to be in. We cannot survive out of it.

We all know the times we’re living in today and we all face problems at some time. But the key to victory is to NEVER STOP WORSHIPPING our God. A God who is good and faithful to us. A God who stays true to His word and never forsakes us. A God who has promised good to us and Who always takes care of us. He deserves ALL the glory, honor and praise we can give.

Like the flowers of that potted plant our blessings may come and go but as long as we’re attached to our Vine and are in our element of worship we will survive no matter the storm. That day I heard the Lord telling me,” There is no life outside of Me.”

This lesson has made me more cautious about my outlook to stressful situations and I hope it’ll encourage you today.


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