Random Rant #1

It is only February and it’s not too late to dump last year’s garbage at the doorstep of 2016. It can include anything, a person, some no good memory, any old thing that’s a reminder of bad times. I just learned that no matter what you do or how good you try to treat others, people will ALWAYS twist things up in their head. Only the good can recognize the good. Your time is too precious and valuable to be wasted on the wrong people or dwelling on dejected times.

My question to you is this: How do you choose to embrace the rest of the year?

Do you wish to carry all the bitterness and dismal memories, failures and mistakes into a new year and tarnish any chance of happiness the coming year has to offer or do you wish to leave it behind and enter in with a fresh attitude?

It’s easier said than done, you say.

But I’ve been there so let me tell you that’s it is possible to move forward without bitterness. If you’ve have good days, cherish each moment. But if you’ve had bad days, don’t be disappointed. It’ll pass.

In the end I’d just like to say that the Bible in Matthew 7:6 says do not throw your pearls before pigs. Personally, I don’t use this reference with non-believers as people might take offence and think you’re literally abusing them. While you are not to be hypercritical towards others, you must recognize the great and fundamental differences that there are between men. You must not treat those who are mere dogs and swine as if they were able to appreciate either the holiness or the beauty and wealth of spiritual truth simple means not to share with people who have no care for such things, but rather wallow in filth. (Taken from Matthew Henry’s pulpit commentary, www.biblehub.com)

I also simply take it as not invest your valuable time in people who do not appreciate you.

What you leave behind and what you carry is in your hands. Despite all odds you can still choose to hope for a brighter tomorrow. Happiness is a choice and I hope you choose to spend your 2016 full of happiness and hope.5. Happines


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